Why are you waiting? Get them out!

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“You have children (or grandchildren) of school age in your family, your home, your church, or your neighborhood. They probably go to ‘public schools’ (that is, government-run, tax-supported schools). Ninety percent of American children do. Let us look at some very recent events at these schools. From Edgewood Ohio, we have this tale of a thirteen-year-old male student and criminal. According to AOL News his crime was clicking ‘like’ on a photo on Instagram. … The photo was of a ‘gun’ — an AirSoft pistol. Bowlin’s parents received a note that cited the reason for the suspension as, ‘Liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.’ Welcome to Tyranny in Schools[TM] in the Fifty States of 2017. It isn’t just the suspension for a harmless act, in a kind of Thought Crime that fits well in the 1984 universe. It is that this school apparently has the time and technology to constantly monitor their students’ social interactions — and in close to real time. (Or deploy a network of informers.)” (05/10/17)