LA: Second Confederate-era monument removed

Source: ABC News

“Dozens of people gathered in New Orleans on Thursday morning to witness the removal of the Jefferson Davis Memorial, the second of four Confederate-era monuments that are set to come down. The statue, erected in 1911 in honor of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, was taken down at around 6 a.m. Thursday by workers wearing masks and helmets. The area was heavily guarded by police officers, presumably to prevent clashes between pro- and anti-monument groups. New Orleans voted to remove four Confederate-era monuments in 2015 because the statues for many residents are symbols of racism and white supremacy. … Proponents and opponents of the removal plan have taken part in sometimes tense demonstrations at monument sites in the past.” [editor’s note: According to the New Orleans Code of Ordinances, Section 54-313, it is “unlawful for any person to use or wear in any public place, a hood or mask or anything of the nature of either or any facial disguise of any kind or description, calculated to conceal or hide the identity of the person or to prevent ready recognition of such person” outside the context of parades/parties a la Mardi Gras. Have the workers been arrested yet? – TLK] (05/11/17)