Do we really need colleges?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“They are as ubiquitous in 21st Century America and the rest of Western Civilization as monasteries and convents were in 13th or 14th Century Europe, and all of Western Civilization then. According to the people of the era, and the historians, these huge institutions provided an invaluable and essential service. Yet, today, 95 percent of those are gone; often not even ruins mark their location. And very few people miss them. Some people point out that colleges and universities inherited, in many ways, the mantle of the monasteries, which preserved and expanded the knowledge of mankind during their era. They were enclaves, sanctuaries against interference from the world and its woes. Protected even from many taxes, blessed by generous gifts from benefactors, and committed to service to others, they were a blessing. Today, we are told similarly, the institutions of higher education of the various states and nations provide an invaluable, essential, and irreplaceable array of services to their locales, regions, states, nations, and the world.” (05/13/17)