Old news, fake shock: Foreign fiddling in US elections is bipartisan SOP

Source: Empire Burlesque
by Chris Floyd

“Here’s a true story. Many years ago, in the mid-1990s, I was involved in a tech start-up company. The founder brought in a venture capital guy to seek funding. Mr. Venture Cap once spent a long afternoon regaling us with the story of how he & his pals secretly laundered millions of dollars in foreign money, through Liechtenstein, for the 1992 Bush campaign. (Yes, money from foreign states and companies flowing in covertly to influence a US election; imagine that!) He made it clear this was just routine procedure; he wasn’t bragging about the act of smuggling foreign cash into the electoral process itself — the boast was how MUCH he’d brought in, how good he was at it. Of course, anyone interested can read of similar efforts throughout modern US history.” (05/13/17)