DC: Blood clash outside Turkish embassy sends nine to hospital

Source: New York Daily News

“The lawn outside Turkey’s D.C. embassy turned into a war zone just moments after President Trump welcomed his Turkish counterpart at the White House Tuesday afternoon. The surreal scene pitted opponents to President Erdogan’s recent consolidation of power against the leader’s supporters around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. A suited man stomped a bullhorn-toting protester in the head, according to video of the chaotic melee. An officer with the Metropolitan Police Department was forced to repeatedly bash several assailants with a baton just to stop them from driving their feet into a woman’s back. In total, nine were taken to the hospital following the bloody battle. Two were seriously hurt. Flint Arthur, a protester from Baltimore, told CNN that Erdogan backers had broken the police lines to attack his fellow protesters.” (05/17/17)