Ireland: Kenny announces resignation as Fine Gael leader

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Ireland’s prime minister, Enda Kenny, is stepping down as the leader of his Fine Gael party, triggering a leadership contest. Kenny told his colleagues at a meeting of his parliamentary party in Dublin that he was retiring at midnight on Wednesday, and that he expected a successor to be in place by 2 June. The 66-year-old former teacher, born in Mayo, is the longest-serving member of the Irish parliament, having first been elected in 1975. He has led the centre-right Fine Gael party for 15 years and been prime minister since 2011. Kenny has served as acting PM since March, when he tendered his resignation amid growing internal party pressure to stand down over his failure to secure a majority government in the general election in 2016. Kenny stayed in his post after the election thanks to the support of a range of independent MPs and the tacit backing of Fine Gael’s major rival opposition party, Fianna Fail.” (05/17/17)