Strict regulations stifle competition

Source: USA Today
by Ajit Pai

“For all the fireworks surrounding the debate over Internet regulation, there’s actually more common ground than disagreement. Everyone agrees that we must keep the Internet open for innovation and free expression. There’s also been a longstanding, bipartisan consensus that any rules must preserve strong incentives to invest in next-generation networks. The debate now is what the legal framework for securing those values should be. Starting with the Clinton administration, leaders of both parties embraced a light-touch regulatory approach, and the Internet flourished. Under this framework, companies like Google and Facebook grew to powerhouses, and America’s Internet economy became the envy of the world. But in 2015, the Federal Communications Commission chose a dramatically different path. On a party-line vote, it reclassified Internet service providers (ISPs) as public utilities under a Ma Bell-era legal framework called Title II. We have already begun to see the harms from that decision.” (05/18/17)