In Russiagate, keep your eye on Pence

Source: The American Prospect
by Adele M Stan

“If Donald J. Trump loses his grip on the presidency, his logical replacement will be Vice President Mike Pence, the religious-right stalwart and favorite of the billionaire Koch brothers. Once in the White House, Pence may not be so easy to dislodge, given the propensity of the right-wing evangelical base of the Republican Party to turn out to the polls in large numbers. Yet the notion that Pence had no place inside the Trump administration’s burgeoning Russia scandal is too readily accepted by reporters and lawmakers alike, starting with the explanation for Pence’s January 15 denial on CBS’s Face the Nation that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia during several December conversations with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the United States. … During the time of those conversations, Pence served as head of the Trump transition team, which was charged with vetting the incoming administration’s picks for high-level positions. He also received national security briefings.” [editor’s note: Anyone else seeing this as nothing more than an amusing theatre-piece? I guess now the question becomes how much they want Paul Ryan as President? – SAT] (05/17/17)