Global warming fraudsters: Climate cash over climate change

Source: Investors Business Daily
by staff

“Just when you think the climate change lunacy couldn’t get any worse, the U.N.’s climate-crats up the ante. Meeting in Bonn, Germany, for yet another unneeded climate conference, attendees are now demanding $300 billion a year more to help less-developed nations cope with anticipated climatic warming. Are they kidding? By the way, that $300 billion is in addition to the $100 billion that the world’s governments have already promised to deliver under the Paris Climate Agreement. So now they’re asking for a total of $400 billion a year in climate welfare for the developing world. No sane government would sign on to such a scam. Which of course means that most of them probably will.” [editor’s note: It amuses me sometimes when my “progressive” friends cite the need to get money and greed out of politics, yet ignore how “special interests” operate on their own pet issues – SAT] (05/17/17)