KY: Girl Scout leader arrested for stealing 6,000 boxes of cookies

Source: Fox News

“Someone got their hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar. A Girl Scout troop leader was arrested for pilfering over 6,000 boxes of cookies. A spokeswoman for Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Girl Scouts said that 26-year-old Leah Ann Vick signed for more than $26,000 worth of cookies but never paid for them. Local organization officials tried but failed to collect payment from Vick for several months, prompting them to lodge a police report. ‘We started contacting her. She did let us know that: ‘I am sorry, it must have been a mistake, I will get those funds back to you,” said Haleigh McGraw, the Girl Scouts spokeswoman. She says that Vick never made good on her word. Girl Scout troops order boxes of cookies to sell, and the money to pay for them is fronted by the larger organization. Individual Girl Scout units then pay that back from the proceeds of their sales. Vick oversaw the the ordering for her unit.” [editor’s note: This is so wrong on so many levels – SAT] (05/17/17)