The assumption liberals make

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“Elements on the left [sic] seem increasingly zealous about whether Trump was, perhaps, friendlier with Russia than they want him to be, but I’m not really interested in whether the increasingly desperate attempts to engage Trump and Putin in a bromance is based on truth or some mutated psychosis leftover from the Cold War. Actually, I’d say that Cold War paranoia is more like AIDS, because AIDS isn’t actually the cause of death for HIV sufferers–some other disease infects them due to their severely weakened immune system, and this disease is what kills them. So the Cold War paranoia is the AIDS that made us susceptible to this weird, virulent strain of ‘Them Damn Russians!’ But whether we’ve got a severe AIDS infection or whether we have cause to distrust Trump’s Russia connections isn’t of much relevance until another question has been answered: Why should we care if Trump has these alleged connections?” (05/18/17)

  • dL

    Elements on the left [sic]

    yeah…what exactly is this “elements of the left” reading list? My non-libertarian left reading/viewing list includes: the intercept, democracy now, jimmy doyle, Noam Chomsky, Freddie deBoer, Chris Floyd, Glenn Ford, Counterpunch, boingboing….

    very little, if any, Neo-McCarthyite red baiting going on in my reading list:

    E.g, pull up front page of Black Agenda Report:

    [Obama and Trump both should be jailed for war crimes]

    [No tears for the FBI]

    If Aria is referring to corporate proggie elements, most, if not all, leftists, consider that element right-wing/centrist

    • Heh — go look at the comments on the original piece 😀

      • dL

        well…not surprising…we do concur about libertarianism proper being leftist