CIA torture report: Where’s our next heroic whistleblower?

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“What do the CIA, the US Senate, and the White House have to hide? My guess is quite a bit. Should they be allowed to hide those things from the taxpayers who pay the bills and whose lives are put at risk by the criminal acts of the US intelligence community? Absolutely not. Will they get away with hiding it? Not forever. The days of governments being able to permanently bury secrets are over, thanks to heroes like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and the folks at WikiLeaks.” (06/03/17)

  • dL

    well, you just got new one..however, poor opSec by The Intercept got her immediately busted…

    • Yeah — that was an amateur mistake on The Intercept’s part. I suspect Snowden and Assange will have something to say about it.

      I’m withholding judgment on the nature of the leak. Is Ms. Winner a well-meaning whistleblower who brought something valuable to the public record, or was she used (knowingly or not on her part) by NSA to get something out that THEY wanted released with plausible deniability just in time for Comey’s testimony? The opsec fail and arrest could have just been a “see what happens when you fuck with us?” lagniappe.