France is literally burning 100 million euros

Source: Students For Liberty
by Bill Wirtz

“Since January 2017, France requires all cigarette packs to be sold in plain packaging  —  they all come in the same green-ish colour, only a neutral font lets the consumer identify the different brands. The government’s anti-tobacco fanaticism costs the taxpayer a fortune. It sounded a bit like Paris had Stockholm Syndrome when the papers announced ‘the government is buying 100 million euros worth of cigarettes off of French tobacconists.’ These coloured packs which were delivered to the tobacconists before the law and make a up a total amount of 15 million packs of cigarettes, or a 36-hour tobacco consumption of the entire country. With a total weight of 250 tons, an astounding number of old, coloured packs, complete with brand name, will be prohibited soon.” (06/06/17)