Pro-Trump identity politics

Source: CounterPunch
by Andrew Levine

“Trump has no ideology. All he has is a fierce determination to enrich and glorify himself. However, he is shrewd enough to realize that, by playing to the resentments of people whose material conditions have been stagnant or in decline for nearly half a century, and whom ‘liberal’ Democrats ignore, he could gain the foot soldiers he needs to advance his avaricious and self-aggrandizing objectives. This is Richard Nixon’s ‘Southern strategy,’ brought up to date and tailored to Trump’s particular needs. Since the 1970s, Republicans have been actively recruiting from within what has now become the Trump demographic. Until now, this has worked out well for them. Currently, though, thanks to Trump, it is becoming a problem. The party’s grandees lost control of their party in 2016 and, appearances notwithstanding, they have yet to win it back.” (06/09/17)