The Obamafication of Macron

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Stephen Cable

“Eleven years ago, the US media started to produce glowing, servile reports about the junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. I remember reading an article in Time Magazine that had a curious lack of curiosity about it. The Senator was shown in flattering photos with good lighting, his megawatt smile beaming with confidence. Everything about him was wonderful. All his words had the ring of hope and change and even creaky floorboards stopped creaking when he walked on them. … Then on February 10, 2007, he announced his run for the presidency to the surprise of no one. A man with the most razor thin resume ever for a presidential candidate was running for the most powerful political position in the world. The rest, as they say, is history. From then until now the media has fallen over themselves to tell you how awesome he is. … Enter Emmanuel Macron the newly minted (banking pun there) French President. Now the process is underway again as Macron undergoes Obamafication.” (06/12/17)