Venezuela: Court sides with Maduro over constitutional rewrite

Source: The Atlantic

“Venezuela’s Supreme Court voted Monday to reject a motion that would prohibit the nation’s president, Nicolas Maduro, from rewriting its constitution. The decision comes just days after Venezuela’s chief prosecutor, Luisa Ortega Diaz, stood on the steps of the Supreme Court with a copy of the nation’s blue constitution book and defended Venezuela’s current laws. ‘What’s at play here is the country,’ she said, ‘the integrity of Venezuelans.’ A few weeks earlier, on May 24, Maduro signed a document calling for a ‘constituent assembly’ to draft a new version of Venezuela’s constitution in what he considers to be an effort to bring peace to the nation. The assembly would also have the authority to dissolve public powers and convene general elections — stipulations that could give Maduro undue influence. With voting for the new assembly scheduled for July, many have accused Maduro of giving extra weight to populations that might secure his re-election.” (06/13/17)