Cashing in on the rise of the “alt right”

Source: Mother Jones
by Josh Harkinson

“Crowdfunded media ventures were until recently mostly a phenomenon on the left, which has long been skeptical of relying on wealthy individuals and corporate patrons. Though there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical that the right can sustain the same interest from small donors, the populist surge that swept Donald Trump into office has clearly given its media entrepreneurs a tailwind. It’s a trend that Trumpworld has happily promoted by granting praise, high-level access, and White House press credentials (if just temporary ones) to fringe sites such as Gateway Pundit, Infowars, and Rebel Media. … Some far-right media figures claim to have attracted megadonors — Yiannopoulos reportedly landed $12 million from an anonymous patron. Yet calls for small donations appear prominently on sites popular with the alt-right such as the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer and the social network Gab.” (06/17)