Wrong lessons from the congressional shootings

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Sheldon Richman

“The response of officialdom and the news media to the shootings of Rep. Steve Scalise and others this week completely missed the irony that at its core government is violence. Virtually every day members of Congress vote to authorize and promote violence: through weapons sales to other governments, the financing of war (overt and covert), the mislabeled war on drugs (it’s a war on people), border ‘security,’ the equipping of the police, and so on. Congressional action is financed via the threat of violence — taxation — and armed state officials may, if they deem it necessary, use deadly force to compel the recalcitrant to comply with their orders, regardless of whether the “crime” charged is victimless. Violence is Congress’s business, its only business.” (06/16/17)