A kind word on behalf of the Mexicans

Source: Independent Institute
by Robert Higgs

“‘The immigration problem’ or ‘the border problem’ has been a heated topic of debate and politicking in recent years. (This recent spurt is only the most recent in a series that goes back for centuries in U.S. history.) In large part this debate pertains to the entry of Mexicans, especially undocumented Mexicans, into the USA. For those who support a strong ‘closed borders’ or ‘secure the border’ position, the debate often involves claims about Mexicans — what sort of people they are, what one may reasonably expect them to do if they become residents of the USA, what crimes they have committed or will commit in the future, and so forth. Anyone who is familiar with Mexicans is struck repeatedly by the sheer ignorance and the false claims that immigration opponents marshal in support of their position.” (06/23/17)