MO: White cop shoots black guy; oops, turns out it was another cop

Source: WTSP 10 News

“A black off-duty St. Louis police officer was shot by a white on-duty police officer from the same department who apparently mistook him for a fleeing suspect, according to a statement from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. … Two officers ‘challenged the off-duty officer and ordered him to the ground,’ the department said. The officer complied and once they recognized him the on-duty officers told him ‘to stand up and walk toward them.’ At about the same time, another officer who had just arrived on the scene saw what was happening and ‘fearing for his safety and apparently not recognizing the off-duty officer, discharged a shot, striking the off-duty officer in the arm.'” [editor’s note: The old “fearing for his safety” excuse; as noted in the Philando Castile case, that appears to be a get out of jail free card – TLK] (06/24/17)