The fall of ISIS won’t fix the Middle East

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“Few will mourn the demise of the faithful nihilists of the Islamic State, and rightly so. ISIS was a politically and morally repugnant force, initially answering a need for security and infrastructure from towns and cities it was then to terrorise. Yet, as welcome and deserved as the end of ISIS will be, the problems for the Middle East will continue. For a start, ISIS, although significantly diminished, will retreat and reform somewhere else. Already it is being reported that its leaders and administrative personnel have evacuated further along the Euphrates to Mayadin, a Syrian town east of Raqqa. And it still possesses strongholds on the Euphrates in Iraq, too, in Tal Afar and Huwaija. But deeper still, it is important to remember that ISIS was not the main cause of its own rise.” (07/04/17)