WikiLeaks hits Miami Democratic operative for saying he’d kill Snowden, Assange

Source: Miami New Times

“Evan Ross is a little-known but well-connected lobbyist in Miami-Dade County. He’s also fairly active within the Miami-Dade Democratic Party: He’s the former chair of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats and is now a precinct captain within the local party. He’s used to operating behind the scenes and keeping a low profile in the local press. But Ross has now gone from backroom lobbyist to the target of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the activist called him out by name on Twitter this weekend, sparking what Ross calls an online ‘bullying’ campaign. Assange highlighted the Dade Democrat because someone sent the Australian computer programmer Facebook screencaps of Ross threatening to kill Assange and whistleblower Edward Snowden.” [editor’s note: Looks more like blowhard BS than a credible threat to me, but good on WikiLeaks for outing the knucklehead – TLK] (07/04/17)