FL: ACLU sues Miami-Dade County for illegally detaining US citizen for ICE gangsters

Source: Miami New Times

“In January, experts from the American Civil Liberties Union and elsewhere issued Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez a stern warning: If he bowed to President Donald Trump’s toothless demand to crack down on so-called sanctuary communities, they said, he’d be opening the county up to expensive lawsuits. By agreeing to start honoring ICE ‘detainer’ requests — where the county holds people arrested for any infraction, including low-level traffic tickets, in jail on ICE’s behalf for up to 48 hours — Miami-Dade would inevitably be sued when U.S. citizens were mistakenly caught up in the dragnet, the experts cautioned. Well, they were right. Today the ACLU said it’s joining with the University of Miami School of Law Immigration Clinic to sue the county after an 18-year-old U.S. citizen was detained in county jail after incorrectly being issued an ICE detainer.”