Copyright law helps perpetuate neo-colonial knowledge-oligarchies

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Vishal Wilde

“When research capabilities are inhibited, the effects channel downwards and impact the quality of the education received by students whose teachers lack access to the latest research. There will obviously be a difference between students who are taught by those who simply regurgitate textbooks versus students who are taught by those who love their subjects so much that they constantly research it, apply it, and build upon its frontiers. This regurgitation from textbooks and set syllabi is usually borne of a subservience to those who derive benefit and privilege from the knowledge-oligarchs. This is a major reason why students from universities with ‘superior’ research activity and output,both within across and across countries, are not only generally more prized by employers but are also afforded an absurd sense of authority and credibility over and above their ‘normal’ peers in daily life. Indeed, even if the faculty do not want to teach their students and the students would like to teach themselves, they are unable to do so because of the restrictions imposed by copyright law.” (07/11/17)