Why are Republicans pushing for a new tax on advertising?

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Terry Schilling

“Let’s not forget that the American Revolution was fought in large part over the Stamp Act, an advertising tax that imposed a fee of two shillings for every ad. The tax was hated to such a high degree that the then-British colonists coalesced together to intimidate stamp collectors into resigning. For that reason, the tax only managed to last for about a year. When the colonists finally had the chance to form their own country, they ensured that the Constitution, through the First Amendment, prohibited the government from regulating the freedom of speech and the press. To this day, taxing or regulating advertising remains unconstitutional. That’s why in Thomas v. Collins (1945), the Supreme Court made clear that free speech includes goods like advertisements, saying: ‘The idea is not sound … that the First Amendment’s safeguards are wholly inapplicable to business or economic activity.'” (07/12/17)