Death panels: Sarah Palin was right, sort of

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Healthcare is a ‘scarce resource,’ by which I mean that there is more desire for it than there are doctor hours and hospital beds and bottles of medication to fulfill all that desire. In any healthcare system, therefore, care is going to be rationed. If people want or need ten units of health care and there are only nine units available, someone is going to lose out. Rationing can be handled in a number of ways: Pricing in an entirely free-market system, quick triage in an emergency situation with multiple victims presenting varying levels of injury, alleged experts in systems ranging from the bureaucratic mess of an ‘insurance’ system in the US to the ‘single-payer’ systems in the United Kingdom and other countries. While I favor a free-market system, my intention here is not to argue that point, but rather to point out that ‘death panels’ are inherent in the overall situation.” (07/13/17)