Simple and meaningful ways to change American healthcare

Source: Cobden Centre
by Ram Nagarajan

"Here are some meaningful solutions that can provide good access, affordability and quality of health care in a sustainable way. Some of these are derived from quite simply understanding the inherent problems in the existing system and laws. The theme of these solutions are based on the obvious fact that we cannot keep growing health care entitlements and hope that we can provide sustainable, universal, affordable and quality health care. Instead, recognize that we need to introduce free market fundamentals into health care and limit government provided health care to a minimum safety net." (07/14/17)

  • R R Schoettker

    "….and limit government provided…."

    The inevitable fatal flaw in all such proposals, the fictitious faith that an entity that intrinsically seeks control and will expand and usurp until that control is total; can be "limited" by any means other than its non-existence.