Counterrevolution: Bitcoin startups stifled by regulation

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by James Mosher

“The American Revolution is still being fought, and the Washington-based administrative state is the biggest enemy. Just ask Bitcoin entrepreneur Jaron Lukasiewicz. He recently lamented that regulation is damaging his industry. In a column titled ‘Nail in the Coffin: The Day U.S. Regulators Stifled Bitcoin Startups,’ Lukasiewicz pinpointed March 18, 2013, as the juncture at which the counterrevolution directed at his company and others began. That was the day when the U.S. government issued guidelines that classified most Bitcoin companies as money-service businesses, wrote Lukasiewicz, cofounder and former CEO of Coinsetter, a New York–based Bitcoin-exchange service.” (07/14/17)