Big Content urges US to keep its “Net Neutrality” corporate welfare check coming

Source: Reuters

“A group representing major [bandwidth hogs] including Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) and Facebook Inc (FB.O) urged the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Monday to abandon plans to reverse the landmark 2015 rules barring internet service providers from blocking or slowing consumer access to web content [editor’s note — read: Making us pay for the bandwidth we use – TLK]. The Internet Association said in its filing with the FCC that dismantling the net neutrality rules ‘will create significant uncertainty in the market and upset the careful balance that has led to the current virtuous circle of innovation in the broadband ecosystem.’ [editor’s note — read: Stop us from shifting our costs from our customers to everyone else’s customers – TLK] The rollback will harm consumers, said the group, which also represents Inc (AMZN.O), Microsoft Inc (MSFT.O), Netflix Inc (NFLX.O), Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) and Snap Inc (SNAP.N).” (07/17/17)