The anarchist straitjacket

Marco den Ouden

Source: The Jolly Libertarian
by Marco den Ouden

“Unfortunately, within the libertarian movement, there are some, notably within the anarchist wing, whose animosity towards the state is such that they condemn those who differ somewhat from them — minarchists, classical liberals, etc. as statists. They are not merely using the term as a descriptor but as a term of opprobrium. Statists are the devil and anyone but true blue, died in the wool anarcho-capitalists are also the devil. This is a narrow rather than an open embracing of libertarianism.” [editor’s note: There’s a pretty bright, essential line separating anarchism from statism (and yes, that includes minarchism). It’s a conflict about essentials, not a “differing somewhat” issue – TLK] (07/17/17)