Eugene Debs and the kingdom of evil

Source: OpEdNews
by Chris Hedges

“Debs came to the conclusion that no strike or labor movement could ultimately be successful as long as the government was controlled by the capitalist class. Any advances made by an organized working class would be reversed once the capitalists regained absolute power, often by temporarily mollifying workers with a few reforms. Working men and women had to achieve political power, as the Labour Party was attempting to do at the time in Britain, or they would forever be at the mercy of the bosses. Debs feared the rise of the monolithic corporate state. He foresaw that corporations, unchecked, would expand to ‘continental proportions and swallow up the national resources and the means of production and distribution.’ If that happened, he warned, the long ‘night of capitalism will be dark.’ This was a period in American history when many American Christians were socialists.” (07/16/17)