How many more victims does the drug war need to claim?

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Gary Chartier

“University of Southern California medical school dean Rohit Varma reacted to revelations that his predecessor, Carmen Puliafito, a widely respected ophthalmologist, had regularly consumed hard drugs, by describing Puliafito’s alleged conduct as ‘horrible’ and ‘despicable.’ Puliafito is on leave from his position as a USC faculty member and isn’t being allowed to see patients. It hasn’t been claimed to date that patient-care was compromised. No one is so far maintaining that Puliafito’s use of methamphetamine, ecstasy, and other drugs injured anyone under his care or that he mistreated his co-workers. … Some people consume hard drugs in ways that harm themselves and those close to them. Almost four years ago, someone close to me died of a drug overdose after a history of struggles related to heroin and methamphetamine consumption. I don’t want to trivialize the risks. But the reality is that different people’s experiences with drug consumption aren’t the same. Some people consume potentially dangerous substances while enjoying stable and productive lives.” (07/21/17)