Policing for profit: Jeff Sessions and Co.’s thinly veiled plot to rob us blind

Source: LewRockwell.com
by John W Whitehead

“Let’s not mince words. Jeff Sessions, the nation’s top law enforcement official, would not recognize the Constitution if he ran right smack into it. Whether the head of the Trump Administration’s Justice Department enjoys being the architect of a police state or is just painfully, criminally clueless, Sessions has done a great job thus far of sidestepping the Constitution at every turn. Most recently, under the guise of ‘fighting crime,’ Sessions gave police the green light to rob, pilfer, steal, thieve, swipe, purloin, filch and liberate American taxpayers of even more of their hard-earned valuables (especially if it happens to be significant amounts of cash) using any means, fair or foul.” (07/25/17)