The real scandal: Americans don’t care about Afghanistan

Source: The American Conservative
by Andrew J Bacevich

“Not least among the reasons that Afghanistan today is ‘strategy free’ is that Trump himself has demonstrated remarkably little interest in what goes on there. Overseeing the Afghanistan War does not number among his priorities. Worse still, members of the press share in Trump’s inclination to treat Afghanistan as an afterthought. The New York Times and the Washington Post spare no expense as they subject President Trump, the Trump administration, and the Trump family to sustained and intense scrutiny — and rightly so. Yet when it comes to setting editorial priorities, both papers choose to treat the Afghanistan War as a matter of marginal importance. Notably, neither paper maintains an active presence in Kabul. Need further proof? Compare, if you will, the media attention lavished in just the past ten days on Beyonce and her newborn twins with the attention allotted over the past year to what is the longest war in U.S. history.” [editor’s note: Neither Afghanistan nor Korea were legally declared wars, but Korea is the longest by far, starting in 1950 and continuing to this day – TLK] (07/26/17)