Pentagon: North Korea launches another (sic?) ICBM

Source: CBS News

“North Korea launched on Friday an intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, the Pentagon said, marking the second time this month Kim Jong Un has demonstrated a theoretical capability of striking a portion of U.S. territory. The missile was launched on a lofted, or heightened, trajectory that limited the distance it traveled, but data collected by U.S. radars, satellites and other sensors showed that it was theoretically capable of traveling at least 5,500 kilometers on a normal trajectory. That is the minimum distance to be classified by the U.S. as an ICBM. President Trump has said he will not allow North Korea to obtain an ICBM that can deliver a nuclear warhead.” [editor’s note: The problem here is that neither the North Korean government nor the US government can be trusted to tell the truth about what type of missile was launched; both parties have an interest in convincing us that it was capable of ICBM range whether it was or not – TLK] (07/28/17)