What do Core think of Bitcoin Cash?

Source: Bitcoin.com
by Eli Afram

“The question in the title is misleading. Because what Core think, and what Core and Blockstream want you to think and believe, are two entirely separate things. … the new agenda by Core and Blockstream is to attack ‘Bitcoin Cash’ as an altcoin, and to discredit its position as the true Bitcoin. But anyone reading Satoshi’s whitepaper and other writings will instantly recognise that ‘Bitcoin Cash’ is indeed the coin the inventor and creator desired. But this isn’t about doing it for ‘Satoshi.’ It is about recognising that there was nothing ever wrong with the original roadmap for Bitcoin. The derailment by Blockstream into Segwit isn’t for Bitcoin’s benefit, it is actually for the benefit of Blockstream and its many investors.” (08/01/17)