BTC-e closure: Clients are Mt Goxed by the US — a new front in crypto wars

by Wendy McElroy

“For the first time, the U.S. government attacked a foreign exchange on foreign soil. It closed down the Russian-based exchange BTC-e. (Russian-based refers to ownership, not location.) BTC-e reported, ‘On July 25 … the FBI staff came to the data center … and seized all equipment, the servers contained databases and purses of our service.’ BTC-e is charged with 21 violations of U.S. financial law; the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network also hit it with a $110,003,314 penalty. The move was stunning not only because BTC-e is one of the oldest and largest exchanges but also because many now locked accounts are owned by U.S. citizens, non-residents.” (08/01/17)