WannaCry ransomware: Hackers behind global cyberattack finally cash out Bitcoin windfall

Source: ZDNet

“Almost three months on from the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, those behind the global cyberattack have finally cashed out their ransom payments. The WannaCry epidemic hit organisations around the world in May, with file-encrypting malware powered by a leaked NSA exploit attacking Windows systems, infecting over 300,000 PCs and crippling systems across the Americas, Europe, Russia and China. … In the weeks since the attack, the wallets containing the money extorted by WannaCry were left untouched, but August 3 saw the bitcoin wallets containing the ransoms suddenly start to be emptied. At the time of withdrawal, the value of the wallets totalled $140,000 thanks to changes in the valuation of bitcoin.” (08/03/17)