“We respect the referendum result, but …”

Source: spiked
by Mick Hume

“The continuing battle over Brexit raises the question of how far Britain ‘really is a democracy.’ We may not have fixed elections and state repression as in, say, Venezuela or Turkey. But we do have a political elite plotting to betray the popular vote for Brexit — which, as even Lord Hague concedes, was ‘higher than the number of votes cast for any government in our history.’ This looks more like a demock-racy, where our rulers pay lip service to democratic politics in principle while trying to undermine and sideline them in practice. It is true that, at the June General Election, more than 80 per cent of votes cast were for parties formally committed to ‘respecting’ the vote to leave. Yet, with every week that passes, it becomes clearer that no major UK political party really believes in Brexit.” (08/03/17)