Blockchain data suggests someone is trying to slow down Bitcoin Cash


“It’s been five days since the fork, and the Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) blockchain is still on the move as 85 blocks have been processed by miners so far. The 85th block was mined by the mining pool Bitclub, a newcomer to the BCH network. The BCH chain is moving a bit more consistently now, but mining profitability and the gaming of the currency’s mining difficulty continues to be a struggle for the newly born network. … Miners who support the new chain want the difficulty to drop. The difficulty did eventually fall several times, but the price also dived into the low $200s as well, making it 311% more profitable to mine on the BTC chain. The next difficulty drop should lock in soon and the Bitclub pool entry may indicate more miners are becoming attracted to this chain. Some people think a ‘malicious’ miner might be gaming the network, to hinder further difficulty adjustments.” (08/06/17)