Ri: North Korea won’t give up nuclear weapons as “strategic option” against US attack

Source: Washington Post

“North Korea spurned harsh new U.N. sanctions Monday and threatened to defend itself with nuclear weapons if necessary, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson repeated an offer to bargain with the outcast nation under the right circumstances. There was no sign at a major Asian security conference here that the sanctions hailed by President Trump as a ­foreign policy achievement would succeed where past efforts have failed in trying to persuade the country to give up its nuclear weapons. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told diplomats that his country will never negotiate away what he called a rational ‘strategic option’ against the threat of attack from the United States. … In the printed version of his speech, Ri said Pyongyang will use nuclear weapons only against the United States or any other country that might join it in military action against North Korea.” (08/07/17)