Family claims ICE creeps used child as bait to abduct dad

Source: New York Daily News

"When Mynor Espinoza went down to an immigration office, he expected it would be to clarify some paperwork for his 9-year-old son. Federal immigration agents said the June 5 meeting was to discuss Anthony, who arrived from Guatemala last year, according to Espinoza's lawyer, Yazmin Rodriguez. But it was really about clamping down on Espinoza. The 31-year-old father of four from West Haven, Conn., crossed the border illegally [sic] eight years ago with his wife, Dulce. At that June meeting, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement [abducted] Espinoza." (08/07/17)

  • dL

    Keep up the good headlines, tom..thugs, scumbags and creeps they are

  • HandleB

    It's known as a sting operation.

    Law enforcement has been using this technique for many decades.

    • Yes, these gangsters do come up with creative names for their crimes to try and make them sound different from the freelance versions.

      • HandleB

        Who are the "gangsters" in your scenario?

        • ICE are the gangsters, working as enforcers for the world's most overgrown street gang ("the Government of the United States").

          They're breaking natural law while enforcing the gang's rules.