The bourgeois argument for freer immigration

Source: Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Fernando Teson

"Donald Trump wants to make immigration merit-based. While many people will reject that view on a variety of grounds, some nonetheless think that admitting educated, wealthier persons is preferable to admitting folks who will take low-end jobs. This idea, however, is mistaken for empirical and moral reasons. Educated middle-class immigrants are not the only ones that create wealth. The economies of California and Arizona, for example, are literally sustained by millions of immigrants who perform low-paid, low-level jobs in farms, restaurants, and factories. Immigrants who take low-end jobs are as beneficial to the United States as those who take high-end jobs." (08/08/17)

  • dL

    The liberal and libertarian argument simply doesn't give the state the authority to control/surveil peoples' movements like that. End of argument. Period. To me these arguments are akin to if the state mandated permission to open your mouth and speak and then along comes arguments like the "bourgeois argument for being allowed to open your mouth and speak." It's bullshit. You are implicitly accepting the burden of having to justify being allowed to open your mouth and speak. The best response is: stick that mandate up your azz