Revolutionary vote security — if government will allow it

Seton Motley

Source: Heartland Institute
by Seton Motley

“Remember the overtime-session, hanging chad, 2000 George W. Bush v Al Gore presidential election? Where it all came down to Florida — and Gore unsuccessfully sued to overturn the Sunshine State’s certification of Bush as its winner? … The hanging chads — left the Left going nuts. Well, it afforded the Left another opportunity to again demonstrate that they’ve all along been nuts. They screeched about the antiquated paper ballots with the punch holes (partial punching of which resulted in the aforementioned hanging chads.) They demanded that these antiquated technologies be eschewed …. So we nationwide spent hundreds of millions of dollars (or more) purchasing electronic voting machines. Then came 2004 — when Democrat John Kerry lost the presidency to incumbent Bush. During said campaign the Left screeched that — brace yourselves, else their sudden, dramatic change of position might cause whiplash — the electronic machines were susceptible to hacking … and we should use paper ballots.” (08/10/17)