Trump’s apocalyptic insecurity

Source: Los Angeles Times
by Matt Welch

“The apocalyptic style is hardly new to American politics: We’re used to such howls from wilderness figures such as Pat Buchanan and 1992-era Jerry Brown. More heretofore successful pols, however, found ways to signal to their friends in the media that populist demagoguery is just a mask to be worn during primary season. Sure, the Hillary Clintons of the world would campaign against free trade, but in our hearts we knew they’d flip-flop. Part of the collective shudder of revulsion you can experience daily from the national press comes from the fact that Trump and the Bannonites appear to actually mean it. The style is also thriving on the left. Bernie Sanders, with his daily calls for ‘revolution’ and relentless barking about ‘oligarchy,’ amply demonstrates that apocalyptic politics is not just for the alt-right. Insincere base-pandering is out, apologetics for true-believer hyperbole is in. It’s not hard to see why.” (08/10/17)