Sanctuary cities and the rule of law

by Andrew P Napolitano

"The concept of a sanctuary city does not mean it is a place where federal law is unenforced by the feds. Rather, it is a place where local authorities have elected not to spend their tax dollars helping the feds to enforce federal law. The term 'sanctuary city' is not a legal term but a political one. … Can local authorities refuse to help the feds enforce federal law? In a word, yes. There is no legal obligation on the part of local authorities to help the feds with manpower or resources or data to enforce federal law within the jurisdiction of those local authorities. During the Clinton administration, when Congress passed legislation that directed local law enforcement to enforce a federal gun registration scheme, the Supreme Court invalidated the statute. It ruled that the feds cannot commandeer local and state officials and compel them to enforce federal laws; the feds can enforce their own laws." (08/10/17)

  • Mark Matis

    However, sanctuary cities and states are going FAR BEYOND refusing to enforce federal laws. They are actually prohibiting the feds from enforcing their own laws by refusing to allow federal law enforcement into the courts where the illegal invaders are. The stench is overwhelming.

    • Last time I checked, other than a few discrete incidents (e.g. Operation Pastoreus in 1942, Pancho Villa's early 20th century raids, a couple of Lee's forays), the US hasn't been "invaded" since the War of 1812.

      If the feds want to enter a court for an enforcement purpose, let them get a warrant like they do for anything and everything else. Until and unless they do that, they're just, how did you put it, "illegal invaders."

    • dL

      The stench is overwhelming.

      There's a stench, alright. Next time, light a match.