Cooking gas shortages force Venezuelans to turn to firewood

Source: Reuters

“Venezuelan homemaker Carmen Rondon lives in the country with the world’s largest oil reserves, but has spent weeks cooking with firewood due to a chronic shortage of home cooking gas – leaving her hoarse from breathing smoke. Finding domestic gas cylinders has become increasingly difficult, a problem that oil industry analysts attribute to slumping oil output in the OPEC nation – which is struggling under an unraveling socialist economy. State oil company PDVSA says the problem is due to difficulties in distributing tanks amid four months of anti-government protests in which its trucks have been attacked. ‘I’ve spent three weeks cooking with wood and sometimes the food does not even soften properly, I can’t stand it anymore,’ said Rondon, as she lined up to buy a cylinder under the scorching sun in the city of San Felix in southern Venezuela. More than 100 people were ahead of her in line.” (08/10/17)