Guess what? Donald Trump has a good foreign policy idea

Source: USA Today
by James Bovard

“The Trump administration’s foreign policy often resembles a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or a loose cannon on a ship deck. But every now and then, a good idea emerges from the fracas. Such is the case with a reform that could sharply reduce America’s piety exports. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is revising the State Department mission statement to focus on promoting ‘the security, prosperity and interests of the American people globally.’ Washington pundits are aghast that ‘democracy promotion’ is no longer trumpeted as a top U.S. foreign policy goal. Elliott Abrams, George W. Bush’s ‘democracy czar,’ complained, ‘We used to want a just and democratic world, and now apparently we don’t … the message being sent will be a great comfort to every dictator in the world.’ But this is like presuming that any preacher who fails to promise to eradicate sin is a tool of the devil. Instead, it is time to recognize the carnage the U.S. has sown abroad in the name of democracy.” [editor’s note: I later found this one with a much better headline (“End Democracy Promotion Balderdash”) on the Ron Paul site; sure wish USA Today had used that one – SAT] (08/10/17)