Donald Trump as carnival hawker and his leftist enemies

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Richard M Ebeling

“Politics has a strange influence on people. People who in their daily lives seem to act quite normal are driven into various forms of madness by politics. For instance, I have friends and acquaintances on both the political Right and Left, with whom totally normal conversations and interactions may be had — unless it turns to politics. Donald Trump is now president of the United States. He was certainly not my choice for a hand on the nuclear and drone buttons, or in charge of the American interventionist-welfare state. To me, however repugnant Trump’s personality and words may be — and they are most certainly disturbing and off-putting — he says and proposes very little that the vast majority of the other politicians holding or running for office do not, as well. He is just more blunt and obnoxious in the way he does it.” (08/11/17)