The US is fanning the flames of violence in Mexico

Source: CounterPunch
by Edward Hunt

“Mexican President Felipe Calderon went to war against the country’s drug cartels. Although it was unclear whether Calderon was legally justified in launching the internal military campaign, he set aside such concerns and began deploying tens of thousands of military forces across the country, setting off a major drug war. … Right away, the military-backed surge operations had devastating consequences for Mexico. Not only did they prompt a vicious backlash from the country’s drug cartels, but they sparked an increase in drug-related violence, or ‘soaring Cartel-related bloodshed,’ as U.S. diplomats described it. Nevertheless, U.S. officials remained optimistic about the operations. Instead of questioning the logic of legally dubious military operations that were increasing violence in the country, they began thinking that they should help the Mexican government escalate the operations.” (08/22/17)